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Integrated Solar LED Street Lights ISSL

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LED Street Light

LED Street Light

Removing Old School Thoughts on Lighting

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LED High Bay Lights High Bay Lights

Replacing Thoughts on High Power Illumination

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LED Flood Lights/Module Tunnel LightsFlood Lights

Bright Light is not Equal to High Electricty Bills

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Indoor Ligthing Pinlights

Asthethic and Longevity

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Green House Solution is a company dedicated in promoting the use of renewable energy. It is a provider of environment-friendly and renewable energy saving illumination.

We are committed to the quality of our products and the solutions we offer, with professional and after sales warranties.

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  1. Dependency upon the Power Company becomes less (Power Outages or Rising Charges).
  2. Lower or even eliminate monthly electricity bills.
  3. Going Green (Demand for Fossil Fuel will be lessened).
  4. Solar energy allows electricity to be produced where it is consumed.
  5. Could even earn money by supplying electricity to the local electric company when there is surplus of electricity generated (depending on location/province).
  6. Solar energy is non-polluting.
  7. Great way to sustainable, natural resources to create energy.
  8. Collect Sunlight And convert it into energy that can be used for Electricity.
  9. Adds value to property.
  10. Solar cells require Little Maintenance after installation.
  11. Saves Money on the long run

Equipment for Grid-Tied Solar Systems

  • Grid-Tie Inverter
  • Direct current (DC) from your solar panels is converted into alternating current (AC), which is the type of current that is utilized by the majority of electrical appliances.
  • Power Meter
  • Solar Panels

How Grid Tie Solar Panel Works

GHS Package Offerings

GHS Package Includes:

Installation, Railings and Mounting Kit, PV cables, Circuit Breakers, Breaker box, Solar Panels, Inverters



  1. Less operational costs
  2. Wireless
  3. Lesser maintenance
  4. Lower chances of overheating
  5. Electrical accidents are minimized
  6. Environment-friendly
  7. Portable


Provide lighting for:street lighting, sidewalk lighting,roadway lighting, fence lighting, pathway lighting, campus lighting, park lighting, garden lighting,ramp lighting, boat dock lighting, remote area lighting,farm and ranch.

Product Features

Parts of an Integrated Solar Street Light

How Solar Street Lights Processes Sunlight

How Solar Street Lights Conserves Energy

GHS Offerings for Integrated Solar Street Lights

GHS Wattage for Integrated Solar Street Light:

8-10 Watts,12-15 Watts,20 Watts,25Watts,30Watts,40Watts,50Watts,60Watt,80Watts,100Watts up to 120Watts



  1. Long lifespan with working lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  2. Uses LED chips that do not quickly burn out unlike filaments.
  3. Does not contain toxic chemicals.
  4. Reduced maintenance costs.
  5. Gives off less heat compared to other bulbs
  6. High energy efficiency. LEDs have double energy efficiency.
  7. LED streetlights are advocated as a means of reducing carbon emissions.
  8. Does not produce ultraviolet light that attracts bugs.
  9. Reduces light pollution. Instead it produces "directional" light, a one-direction light emission.
  10. Weather proof.


Provides lighting for streets, highways, pathways, roads, sidewalks, factories, schools, gardens, courtyards, parks, out-door projects, trunk roads, bridges, industrial districts, elevated roads.


GHS Offerings for Street Lights

Outdoor Rated Street Light

High Power Outdoor Rated Street Light

Add Php 500 for Photo Cell



  1. Reduced energy consumption
  2. Lights are evenly distributed
  3. No "Bright Spots" are produced
  4. Longer Working Lifetime
  5. Durable and Produces Lower Temperature


  • factory
  • gymnasium
  • warehouse
  • any large open area with relatively high ceilings

Product Features

GHS Offerings for High Bay Lights

Z2-Series Beam angle 60°/90° we can produce for you , price need add P100/pc
G1-Series Beam angle 60°/90° we can produce for you , price need add P100/pc
E1-Series Housing Color can be black and white



  1. High light efficiency
  2. Long lifespan
  3. Easy light uniformity
  4. Lamps are designed to be flexible

Application and Uses

Module LED Tunnel Lights

Tunnel Highway Gas Station Factory
Warehouse Workshop Square Parking Lot
Supermarket Advertising lighting Garden Public place

LED Flood Lights

Outdoor areas Playing fields/Basketball courts Gas Station Factory
Streets Driveways Square Parking Lot
Supermarket Advertising lighting Garden Public Squares

LED Flood Lights Product Feature

GHS Offerings for LED Flood Lights and Module Tunnel Lights



LED Pin Lights/ LED Down Lights

  1. Higher energy savings
  2. Flexibility in color and design
  3. Safer because LED produces less heat
  4. Environment-friendly
  5. Easy to install
  6. Fast response on switch-ons

LED Tube Lights

  1. Lower cost maintenance
  2. Even light distribution
  3. Much longer operating life
  4. Comes in different colors
  5. No more "cycling" on switch
  6. Lower heat produced

Features and Parts

Parts of LED Pin Lights

Features of LED Tube Lights

GHS Offerings

LED Pin Lights

Available in warm white and day light

LED Tube Lights

Integrated Solar LED Street Lights LED Street Light LED High Bay Lights LED Flood Lights/Module Tunnel Lights Indoor Ligthing LED Tube Lights Pinlights/Downlights Alfonso Amadeo Bacoor Carmona Cavite City Dasmariñas General Emilio Aguinaldo General Mariano Alvarez General Trias Imus Indang Kawit Magallanes Maragondon Mendez Naic Noveleta Rosario Silang Tagaytay Tanza Ternate Trece Martires LAGUNA CAVITE PHILIPPINES